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Yael Harnik (b. 1986) is an Israeli artist based in Tel-Aviv, to which she returned after six years of living and working in Japan. Yael's practice focuses on textile and print, through which she explores concepts of time and space. In her works, she alternates between images and sensations as well as between visual and tangible. In 2012 Yael graduated from the Department of Textile Design at Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, Israel. After receiving the prestigious Monbukagakusho Scholarship from the Japanese Ministry of Education in 2016, she began her studies at Tama Art University, Tokyo, where she earned her MA and completed her PhD (art) studies. Her works have been featured in solo exhibitions in Tokyo as well as in group exhibitions in Israel, South Korea, France, and Netherlands.​

"Textile is a form of grid or net through which I explore systems of order and rhythm. My work with textile combines traditional production processes, modern perspective, and contemporary sensibilities - a combination that reflects my cultural complexity. In that regard, my works raise questions of identity and place.
In general, my practice is characterized by tectile processes of constructing and deconstructing cultural motifs. By that, I explore intercultural connections that can challenge conventional ideas of identity formation. 
I am especially interested in the amount of time required for completing technical processes, as if practicing craft is a way of producing a sense of time. Through the play with time, my works address issues of mortality and spirituality. My visual language is formed by ongoing contemplation on repetition and cyclicality. Through the practice of repetition, my works reflect a sense of longing and explore the notion of displacement and belonging."


Contact & CV


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2019-2022     PhD (DFA) Doctoral Degree program, Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan 

2017-2019     MFA Textile Department, Graduate School of Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan 

2009-2012     B.Des Textile Design Department, Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, Ramat Gan, Israel

Solo Exhibitions

2022              I Am Forever Unfolding Between Two Folds, Place by Method Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2021              Disclosure, Sukiwa Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 

2019              Moons, Another Function Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 

                      Unfolding, Gallery Q, Tokyo, Japan

Selected Group Exhibitions



2023              Earth, Water, Wind, Fire…& Emptiness, Tikotin Museum, Haifa, Israel 

2022              Doctoral Degree Course Graduation Exhibition, Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo, Japan 

2021              Doctoral Degree Program 20-year Anniversary, Tama Art university, Art-Theque Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 

2020              TLV Biennial, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel
2019              East, Jerusalem Design Week, The Hansen House, Jerusalem, Israel

                    Le Fil Bleu, La Cheminée Gallery, Albi, France

                      Nihonga, The Cuckoo’s Nest, Jaffa, Israel 

                      At 00:00, Spiral, Tokyo, Japan

2018              Transient, Gallery Wolke, Tokyo, Japan

2015              Same Sky Same Land, Pulchri Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands 

                      Same Sky Same Land, Liberaal Joodse Gemeente, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

2012              Expo 2012, Israeli Pavilion, Yeosu, South Korea


Grants and Awards


2023              Finalist, Contemporary Talents Competition 12th edition, Fondation François Schneider, Wattwiller, France 

2022              Finalist, Edmond de Rothschild Design Award 2022, Israel 

2016-2022     Monbukagakusho Scholarship, an academic scholarship offered by the Japanese Ministry of Education

2020              Finalist, Contemporary Talents Competition 9th edition, Fondation François Schneider, Wattwiller, France           
2019              Grand Prize, Kaie Hotel Competition collaboration with Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan

2015              Same Sky Same Land, Commissioned working grant, Israel

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