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An Expanse in the Midst of 

the Waters

English/ Hebrew, 23x17 cm,
120 pages, soft cover, offset print  

Year: 2023


The book brings together works, reflections, and experiences from Harnik's time of living and working in Tokyo. Its starting point was her practical PhD that she completed in 2022 at Tama Art University in Tokyo. This research explores practices of repetition and disruption, and the perception of time through material. She examined the intercultural aspect through a study of the color blue: the Japanese indigo and tekhelet in Jewish culture.


As an artist working in the medium of textile, the practicing of traditional techniques has been a way of opening a window into learning about Japanese culture. Through the book, she wish to offer a glimpse into Japanese culture from a western perspective, as well as into her own creative processes.

Design and production: Roni Shvarts 
Texts: Etty Glass Gissis, Katya Oicherman, Yael Harnik 

Editing: Katya Oicherman 

Artistic consulting: Uri Tzaig 

Hebrew editing: Inbal Keidar
English editing: Adina Klein
Work photographs: Masashi Mikuma, Yigal Pardo
Workshop photographs: Noam Levinger, Roni Shvarts

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