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In Japan, Yael has specialized in stencil paste-resist dyeing (kata-zome) and Indigo - two traditional Japanese dyeing techniques that are based on repetition and involve slow and time-consuming production processes. In her eyes, being slow is a form of resistance against efficiency, challenging the idea of expediency and the notion of being productive. 

“I regard my work with these techniques as composed of layer upon layer of times. It is especially evident in indigo dyeing, which I regard as the art of layering of color achieved through careful application of time."

Yael Harnik in preparation for her solo exhibition "I Am Forever Unfolding Between Two Folds ", presented in April 2022 in Tokyo. The video captures the delicate process of dyeing with indigo, a dye produced from the botanical world.

Directed, shot and edited by Max Houtzager

Music by Yusuke Osumi
Special Thanks: Moeko Mizoguchi, Diago Niijima, 

Nakajima Indigo Dye

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