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Stencil paste-resist dyeing (Kata-zome), indigo, cotton linen
Dimensions: 17×22 cm X 24

Year: 2021

The work is composed of twenty four pieces, each different from the others in the fold and hence in the motion of its stripes. In each piece, the weft thread is taken out in different areas. In Sequence, repetition is examined in regards to temporality, as expressed through the gradient hues of indigo dye. In indigo dye, the specific shade is determined both by the amount of time that the fabric is dipped in the dye and by the number of times the dipping is repeated. In Sequence, all the pieces were dipped for the same amount of time, but not the same number of times. The work exemplifies inner movement: it gradually raises from the lightest shade of pieces that were dipped only twice to the darker shade of pieces that were dipped six times.

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