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I Am Forever Unfolding Between Two Folds/

Place by Method Gallery

Tokyo, 2022

The works featured in this exhibition reflect Yael's complex experience with time, as she seeks to give presence to the intangible, with regard to time, through the tangible, with regard to textile. These themes are explored here through repetition and disruption. 
This exhibition has emerged from Yael’s doctoral research at Tama Art University. In this research, she examined her inter-cultural inclination through exploration of the color blue, which is of high value in both the Japanese and the Jewish-Israeli cultures. She focused on two specific types of blue: the Japanese blue Indigo and the biblical blue Tekhelet.

"The title of this exhibition is taken from the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze’s 1993 book The Fold. Discussing the issue of perception, Deleuze notes: “I am forever unfolding between two folds, and if to perceive means to unfold, then I am forever perceiving within the folds” (p. 93). Deleuze writes about an unfolded surface not as the opposite of the fold, but rather as the space or movement between two folds. I find this conceptual-visual description suitable for depicting my own perception as well as my ongoing interest in the in-between. 

The in-between is a space as well as a state. It reflects the external, more objective perspective of an outsider, which enables one to oscillate between the microscopic and the macroscopic. On the one hand, being an outsider brings about a sense of yearning. On the other hand, it allows for independent thinking which brings about a sense of freedom and creativity. This is connected to my own experience, especially in the years of living in Japan." 


Multiply, katazome, indigo, silk, wooden frame, 50×70 cm x2, 2021.

Leeway, katazome, indigo, silk, wooden frame, 94× cm, 2022.

Split, Cotton velvet, indigo, 88x618cm, 2021.

Augment, katazome, indigo, silk, wooden frame,

Align, katazome, indigo, silk, 100x160cm

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