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Dead Sea

Silkscreen print on cotton, pigment and puff print

Dimensions: 90×300cm X2, 90×260cm
Year: 2012

The uniqueness of the Dead Sea is found in its colors and textures, created by the interwoven of salt, earth and water. In addition, due to its high concentration of dissolved mineral salts, it allows one an almost magical ability to float on the water’s surface. The Dead Sea as an image reflects the dialectics of life and death, healing and sickness.
In this series of works, salt became material whereas water became  color. The dialogue between life and death became a dialogue between motion (the layer of color) and stillness (the layer of white paste).
Repetition is a key element in Dead Sea. It corresponds with the fact that Repeat is a significant characteristic of textile language, as well as reflects the idea that repetitiveness resonates with the kind of meditative and holistic atmosphere associated with the Dead Sea. While working on the piece, the dialogue between the technical and the conceptual aspects, in relation to the choice of a well-known image, created a residue in Yael's memory. This residue, in turn, has evolved into an archetype of human life.


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